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Daniel 张智翔


微信账号: dccxjp

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高级副董事(Senior Associate Director)


电话:+65 8777 8899

电邮: danielchongcs@gmail.com

专属网站 (Website) :https://www.sgfang.sg


OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd

OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd 是新加坡最大的上市房地产经纪公司之一。它拥有4,000多名房产经纪人, 并于20多年来取得了令人难以置信的辉煌成就。

OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd is one of Singapore's largest real estate agencies with over 4,000 agents and over 20 incredible years of success. 

关于 Daniel 张智翔


                Daniel Chong 张智翔是一名持有执照的房地产专业人士,服务于大新加坡地区,具有代表住宅、商业和工业房地产的经验。扎实的专业背景及丰富的销售管理经验能为您解决买卖房产的后顾之忧。在他的职业生涯中,Daniel帮助许多本地和国际客户打入新加坡市场。他对提供最高水平的服务感到非常自豪,并建立了专业人员网络,以帮助确保每笔交易顺利完成。

                在所有交易中,Daniel的目标都是成为客户最大的辩护人。他与律师、贷款人、会计师和开发商密切合作,以确保每笔交易的最佳条款。因此,Daniel在房地产行业享有极高的声誉,并一直被评为新加坡顶级房地产经纪人之一。Daniel是新加坡千禧一代的华裔,从事房地产多年,专注豪宅销售和投资型地产, 是博纳产业集团团队领导。Daniel 的宗旨是为您提供买房,移民,留学,投资,在新加坡置产,及房产看管全方位一条龙服务和整体解决方案。

About Daniel Chong

                Daniel Chong is a licensed real estate professional serving the greater Singapore area with experience representing residential, commercial, and industrial property. Over his career, Daniel has helped many local and international clients break into the Singapore market. He takes great pride in providing the highest level of service and has built a network of professionals to help ensure each transaction closes smoothly.

                In all dealings, Daniel aims to be his clients’ biggest advocate. He works closely with lawyers, lenders, accountants, and developers to secure the best terms in each deal. As a result, Daniel has developed a stelar reputation within the real estate industry and consistently ranks as one of Singapore’s top realtors. Daniel is proud to work with OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd, one of the Singapore’s largest listed real estate agency. Along with his industry knowledge and experience, working with Singapore’s best allows him to provide first-class service for all buyers and sellers.



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